Meet the Partners

Unique among professional coaching firms in Richmond, Virginia, Cresco Coaching & Consulting unites the talents of two women with far-ranging expertise in several disciplines: human resources, organizational development, leadership training, executive coaching, team business coaching and organizational change management.   The partners bring diverse insights and perspectives to their clients’ challenges, as well as other team members. All have received training and certification from International Coaching Federation (ICF) programs and hold professional credentials from ICF.

Libby Dishner

Elizabeth (Libby) M. Dishner

The Success Strategist

Libby Dishner has spent more than 20 years helping people find success and fulfillment by reaching for their full potential. A former Senior Vice President of Human Resources, she has been working as a professional consultant and coach in Richmond, Va., since 2011. Libby works with individuals and organizations to provide leadership development programs, coaching and HR strategy.

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Question: “If you had a superpower, what would it be?” 

Answer: This is such an appropriate question for me to answer as I have a 12-year old son and a 40-something year old husband who live and breathe superheroes. My poor 9-year old daughter and I are prisoners to Marvel and DC! Although if I were being truly honest, I would admit that I love watching the movies as much as they do. I’m a closet nerd.

So, we’ve actually had the superhero conversation around my dinner table. Wes would have the power of invisibility. Audrey would have the ability to leap tall buildings (“jump high and far”). Steve decided he’d like telekinesis. I think maybe because he could get food from the fridge without getting up.  I would love the power of telepathy, like Professor X. As a coach, if I could more accurately sense the thoughts and feelings of my clients it would be so helpful to the process. Not to mention that it would be so cool. And, of course, I would only use my power for good!

Cat Murphy

The Transformation Agent

Cat Murphy has spent over 20 years as a human resources and organizational change management leader for a Fortune 200 financial services organization. There, she built a successful track record in developing and implementing high-impact strategies for organizational change and agility.  Recently, she’s worked as a consultant with a large health insurance company and a mid-sized investment firm.

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Question: If you could travel in time, what time would you go back to?
Answer: This isn’t going to sound exciting, because I will not choose an historic or meaningful era.  Partially because, as an American woman living in the 21st century, I’m convinced that I’m living in the best possible time for me.   That said, I would travel in time a bit.
I would go back in time to when my children were very young.  I did not fully appreciate how fast they would grow up (they are teenagers now).  While I definitely try to appreciate them at every age, I know if I went back that I would be much wiser about what I focused on (read: stressed about) and how I spent my time with them.   Also, I’d become a leadership coach much earlier, use more sunscreen and buy Google stock!