Coaching & Consulting Services


Our name, Cresco, comes from the Latin word meaning “to grow.” In our work, we fulfill the meaning of the word.  We encourage individual growth — bringing a client’s own talents to their fullest potential — and we teach leaders how to cultivate the growth of others. And this grows your business. Here’s how we do it.

Leadership Mastery

Successful, experienced executives seek out coaching to help them hone their talents and identify areas to improve. As one of our clients said, “The workplace is constantly changing and at a pace barely imaginable, and whether you’re an individual or a company, you have to grow in order to survive.” We work one-on-one and with teams at all levels of leadership, from CEOs to newly promoted managers to help them not only survive, but thrive.

There has been a long standing debate regarding whether leaders are born or made. We believe people learn to be leaders. The best leaders never stop learning.

We develop leaders; here are some ways in which we do that:

  • One-on-one Executive Coaching
  • CEO/Executive Directors Mastermind Groups
  • Executive Leadership Team Coaching
  • One-on-one and Group Coaching for Leaders and High Potential
  • Add-on Group Coaching for Leadership Development Programs already in place
  • Customized Leadership Development Programs

Talent Development

Teaching leaders to be coaches can directly increase engagement, employee growth and development, retention of high performers, and continuous ongoing achievement of goals.

We are also able to show you how to open a career development center in your workplace. Imagine a central location in your building for employees to take online learning courses, attend facilitator-led workshops and attend coaching sessions with a professional outside coach. We’ll share our best practices with you, partner to help you open your own development center, train internal coaches and/or staff it with our professional coaches.

Do you have a high performing organization?

Let Cresco take a look at your talent and partner with you to develop robust talent acquisition, onboarding and retention programs. We can assess current satisfaction and engagement levels throughout the employment life-cycle.

Some of the programs we design to assist you in this area include:

  • Succession planning
  • Talent acquisition and retention strategy
  • Team development
  • Teaching leaders to become internal coaches.
  • Career and Development Centers

Business Agility

Is your company facing a significant obstacle, such as:

  • New competition
  • Failing infrastructure or
  • High attrition?

Or are you poised to:

  • Enter a new market
  • Introduce new technology or
  • Change the organization structure?

We help you adopt and sustain practices that allow you to effectively drive and sustain the highest value changes.

When a big shift impacts how people work, the tools they use and who they work with, it’s natural that some will dig in their heels and refuse to adapt. After all, the old way was easy. It was comfortable. And it worked. To us, business agility means moving your leadership team and your entire team from resistant to resilient. Then  everyone’s ready for the next change — and the next.

Agile. Lean. Resilient.  Does your company have the skills to thrive through changes – both internally AND externally-driven?

We apply what we’ve learned in large-scale business transformations to identify and manage the highest value work.

We help organizations in the following ways:

  • Provide organizational change management services – supporting leaders to drive the change
  • Organizational design – organizing for value delivery
  • Lean and Agile – practices to prioritize and deliver the highest business value work