Our Method


Coaching is the foundation of our approach to supporting clients. Think of us as accountability partners. We’re in your corner, helping you determine how you can best achieve your professional goals. We believe you already have most of the answers — we just help reveal those.

How consulting with us works

Whether we are engaged to coach one person to transform as a leader or we are consulting with a large organization’s business transformation, we help find the path that will work best for the client.

Initially, we meet with the client to understand the type of support needed.   We’ll provide the client with a recommendation for how we’ll approach supporting that need.

Our goal is sustainability. That word often refers to environmental efforts, yet in many ways, our work with clients ARE environmental efforts! Clients come to us because something needs to change and they want the change to stick.

How to engage in coaching


How one-on-one coaching works

lifecycle-primaryNew clients often approach coaching with some hesitation. “What can a coach teach me that I don’t already know?” It only takes one session to open their eyes.

We often begin with a three-way meeting between the client, his or her sponsor and the coach to talk about goals and the coaching process. Clients are often surprised to learn that we take a specific and intentional approach to goal-setting. We help uncover obstacles — often ones the client’s not aware of — and solve them in creative ways.

The coach and client meet frequently to check in and problem-solve for individual challenges that arise. Our coaches adapt to the needs of each client by offering flexible hours, Skype and phone sessions. The coach-client relationship continues for anywhere from a few months to two years. At the end of the coaching session, we revisit the initial goals and measure change while maintaining client confidentiality.

How team coaching works

It’s easy to tell when a team is working in sync. You feel their sense of purpose and their friendly camaraderie. You see how they handle conflict constructively. It’s easy to tell when a team’s not pulling together, too — but how do you fix it?

Leaders often call us in to coach newly assembled teams, or teams that need to improve their efficiency, productivity and communication. We also help teams become more adaptable and resilient when a company is facing a fundamental change in how it operates.

We begin the corporate team coaching process by getting to know the organization and its culture. Then, using a combination of individual and group sessions, we help an organization focus clearly on its most important objectives. Our coach meets with the leadership team to help them articulate the reasons for change to their employees. We also identify the tools and training their employees need to successfully and nimbly adapt to change. Sometimes the coach is embedded in the company for a period of time; sometimes she holds a series of on-site sessions.

Our coaching assessments

Cresco’s work is driven by research and results, so we employ statistically valid assessments to measure changes in performance.  We also find that using an appropriate assessment accelerates the learning process and helps make coaching more targeted and effective. All of the assessments we use can be administered on an individual basis or using 360-degree feedback from colleagues. They include, but are not limited to: