We endeavor to improve with every client engagement and to keep a focus on continuous learning.  Here’s where you’ll find some of our endeavors, clients’ feedback, our current areas of interest, events we recommend and blog posts.

Positive Reinforcement

Yesterday, I saw B.F. Skinner’s Reinforcement Theory in action. I was sitting in our agile team room with about half of our team members. One person commented on another’s good posture. The complimentee smiled and said, “Thanks for noticing. I’ve been working on it.”... read more

“Then it came to me: Why not try coaching?”

After serving in an executive role for four years, I recognized some areas where I had an opportunity to improve. Specifically, I wanted to sharpen my executive communication skills…

Fortune 200 company executive

Coached by Libby Dishner

“Karen taught me how to use the skills I already had.”

I first sought coaching because my boss recommended it. I realized the workplace was changing, and whether you’re an individual or a company, you have to grow or stand still. Karen and I came up with some immediate goals…

President of an insurance company

Coached by Karen Gulliford

“I’m very confident when I speak to higher-level executives now.”

I received a promotion in April, and as part of the promotion my boss negotiated some coaching hours with Karen. To be honest, I was hesitant. In my former employment, coaching was used when they were trying to walk you out the door. And I was a little confused: I just got a promotion, but now I need coaching? But when I first met Karen face to face, I grasped it.

Manager at a national health insurance company

Coached by Karen Gulliford